News / Tech / March 26, 2021

Awareness! App Keeps Runners, Cyclists Aware of Their Surroundings

Okay, this is pretty sweet: app developer Essency has put together Awareness!,  an app that interrupts your music whenever a loud noise (honking horn, barking dog, screaming, etc.) goes past a specific threshold that you preset on your iDevice. This could be a very cool development for anyone who digs their music but does not dig losing their sense of surroundings. Here’s a video explaining the ins and outs:

Even cooler is the fact that the app, which is normally $8, is free today, so head on over to the App store and give it a shot.

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Billy Brown
Billy Brown
has a hard time standing still. A few years ago he combined his passion for the active lifestyle with his love of toys and somehow made a job out of it as a journalist specializing in outdoor sports and adventure travel. An avid runner, climber, crossfitter and snowboarder, he has tested gear around the world, from canyon running in Jordan to ice climbing in Chamonix. He writes for Outside Magazine, Men’s Health, Men’s Journal, Wired, and Backpacker, as well as on websites like Gear Institute and Contact him at [email protected]

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