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Kreature Komforts: Klymit Static V Sleeping Pad

Maybe it’s because I’m getting older, but comfort is starting to take precedent over speed these days, particularly when I’m backpacking. I’ll gladly take a few more ounces with me if it means I’ll be sleeping a bit better at night. Luckily, Klymit’s Static V sleeping pad is comfortable, lightweight, and packs down small enough to fit into your pack’s nooks and crannies.

Klymit Static V Sleeping Pad, $59.95, www.klymit.com

The Good: Low weight, low price.

The Bad: No interior insulation.

The Ugly: Blowing up a sleeping pad at elevation is no small feat.

Klymit is no slouch when it comes to sleeping pads; their Inertia X-Frame pads are widely recognized for their low weight and durability. The price-point friendly Static V is $40 cheaper than its ultralight cousin, but it only weighs about 20 ounces and packs down to roughly the size of a can of RockStar.

The Static V’s design is supportive and comfortable – the v-chambers and sidewalls enveloped me when I lay down on it and it provided a nice, soft buffer from the cold, hard ground. Speaking of the v-chamber baffles, the v-shaped design made it an ideal pad for sleeping in a backpacking hammock like my ENO Doublenest hammock. The pad was able to bend and flex to fit the contour of the hammock without folding in on itself. The pad was plenty durable, too. I was able to use it directly on the ground without any punctures or leakage.

The inflation was pretty quick, too – 10 to 15 lungfulls filled it up, then it locked down quickly. Really, the only chink in the armor was that it wasn’t insulated, so winter use could prove to be chilly. But even that’s mitigated somewhat by the sidewalls, which do a bit to hold in the heat.

Really, though, at $60, it’s tough to beat. Usually you’re sacrificing something for a sleeping pad at that price, but with the Static V, you’re getting your money’s worth and then some.

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