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Rerun: Teva Fuse-Ion Water Shoes: Fresh New Style, Same Great Performance

We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention Teva’s excellent Fuse-Ion water shoe in our roundup, so here’s another look at David’s  review. 

TEVA Fuse-Ion Water Shoes $90,

Good: Stylish enough to wear to the pub, extremely grippy, water drains quickly.
Bad: My foot odor after wearing these with wet socks for a while.
Excellent: Strutting into a coffee shop and having the most stylish shoes there (except maybe the sweet bike shoes that fixie guy was wearing. At least I wasn’t wearing a scarf in July. Punk).

I’ve sported all types of shoes on the water, but after a while, I ended up settling on either an old pair of sneakers that stayed wet for days or a set of neoprene booties that had absolutely no grip.  When I recently tested a set of Teva’s Fuse-Ion shoes, it drastically changed my opinion of what to wear on the water.  The shoes are light, snug, and drain the water almost immediately.  The best part is they are stylish enough to keep on down at the bar after the water fun is over.  These shoes are available in a slew of colors, and there’s a women’s version out there as well.

If the technical side is what gets you going, Teva coated these shoes with an “ion mask”, which is molecular level coverage that make water just bead right off (think Rain-X for your feets). When dunked in water, the mesh upper and drain holes along the side quickly evacuate the water.  My feet stayed comfortably safe and well drained during all kinds of adventures.  I went whitewater kayaking down the Trinity River, flatwater paddling on Whiskeytown Lake and they even held on tight as I tore around on my stand-up jetski at Trinity Lake (yes, I still shred on a Kawasaki 650 from time to time).  The laces cinch down nice and tight so they held firm no matter what kind of pressure I put on them.

As with anything worth buying, it’s all about the little things.  The designers really put plenty of time into what it takes to make a great shoe. I was impressed by the pop-down backs for easy slip on, and a second set of matching grey laces in case blue isn’t your style. Down under, the shoe is comprised of a J-step and Spider Rubber outsole that keeps just as firm of a grip on slimed boulders as they do on spilled beer.

Teva has really set the bar high with these great shoes that feel at home on the street and out on the water.  I’m thrilled to see many companies bring out more of this cross-breed of gear that works well in many situations, while still staying relevant to the intended purpose.  Check out the Fuse-Ions out if you’re looking for a great set of kicks that you won’t be afraid to soak.

UPDATE 8-24-12: I’ve taken these shoes through more water journeys, and worn them around town pretty often.  After I twisted an ankle I pulled the laces out and wore them as a really comfortable slip-on.  The material holds tightly still, but it’s easy to slip them on and off with the collapsible heel cup. DS

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