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Capture Camera Clip System: Making DSLR Carry Easy

Peak Design Capture Camera Clip System: $79.99


The Capture is an innovative product that has solved a big problem for me as a photographer: How do I carry my camera without burying it in my backpack? In the past I would have to dig my camera out at every stop; or have a camera bag strapped to my chest. Neither of these were a great solution for a snap-happy hiker.

The Capture Camera Clip solves this problem by providing a way to secure the camera to any strap or belt. It sandwiches over the strap by hand tightening two bolts. With the provided quick-release plate that attaches to the bottom of your camera, you simply slide it in and out of the Capture. The camera hangs nicely off of your backpack strap or belt. A set screw on the side of the Capture adds peace of mind that your camera will stay put.

When I first saw the product I thought: “There is no way that you can carry a pro DSLR on your backpack strap comfortably.” I’m very pleased that I was wrong. The clip was noticeable but not uncomfortable on a six mile hike into the Trinity Alps Wilderness. When carrying a DSLR it seemed to work best with a wide to normal zoom lens attached. Which leads to my only complaint: The weight of the camera slightly twists the Capture downward so that the plate pushes into your body. This is most noticeable with a short lens.

The Capture  works exceptionally well with smaller cameras. No more need to stow your camera in a pocket causing you to miss a great shot. With the Capture it’s at the ready. Just make sure you get the optional MICROplate quick-release which has a smaller form factor if you are using a small camera. All the quick-release plates work on certain tripod heads. This is a great feature of the Capture. Choose from either an ARCA-type compatible plate or a DUALplate which works on ARCA-type and Manfrotto RC2 tripod heads.

Built of a weatherproof aluminum that is guaranteed for life, the small and lightweight Capture camera clip system is must see for anyone bringing a camera into the outdoors. There is really no excuse not to take the capture clip along on any excursion, it’s that small.

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David Fransen

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Jun 28, 2013

WOW i must say great great idea of carrying your camera around with you with worrying less about its security

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