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Form & Function: Salomon’s Quest Motion Fit Jacket Takes Cues from Fashion World

Salomon Quest Motion Fit jacket $450, (available Winter 2013)

The Good: A jacket that marries proper fit and range of motion.
The Bad: One too many accoutrements and the demos only came in purple.

The Awesome: This jacket allows for so much movement in the shoulder area that you’ll be the star of your Harlem Shake video (or whatever dance crave takes over the 2013-14 winter).

There are a number of ongoing battles in the jacket world, one of which takes place in the waterproof/breathable boxing ring. And everyone is trying to bring the noise when it comes to insulation. Instead of getting caught up in these wars, Salomon has gone its own direction and tackled pattern engineering and tailoring with the Quest Motion Fit, due out for next winter.

What that means is they’ve created a jacket that not only fits well but also has an enormous range of motion—two things that don’t always go together. I’ve had at least two hardshells that were form-fitting and looked great but didn’t let me raise my arms much higher than my chest because the shoulders were too tight. Not so with the Quest Motion Fit - I can swing my arms like a windmill in this thing.

Salomon’s secret? According to Hilary Hutcheson, the media rep who showed me the jacket back at SIA, it’s all about borrowing a page from the fashion industry. Designers in the non-ski world cracked the fit/motion code a long time ago, so all Salomon had to do was pay attention to their workarounds and figure out how to put them in a ski jacket.

Thanks to things like “gussets” and “darts” (fashion terms, look ‘em up), Salomon whipped up a jacket that didn’t make me look like a pipe rat, but also let me throw my arms around however I wanted. I wore the Quest Motion Fit at the resort one day and on an inbounds hike a week later and I never felt constrained.

Thankfully, the Quest Motion Fit also holds its own in other areas. The jacket is made of ClimaPro™ Storm, which has 20K/20K waterproofing but is also highly breathable. It has a removable stretch powderskirt, hood with helmet volume, Lycra cuffs with a thumb loop, a goggle wipe and goggle mesh pocket, a RECCO reflector, an air vent system, and a gaggle of pockets.

In fact, my only gripe is that the jacket might have too many pockets and add-ons. It’s nice to have options, but sometimes you just want a jacket to be a jacket and not a Swiss Army Knife. On the other hand, if you’ve got a bunch of stuff to carry with you and you want a pocket for everything, you are definitely good to go.

-Words by Jakob Schiller. Photos by Steven St. John. For more of Steven’s work, check out

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