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SKORA Phase Minimalist Running Shoes - Get Closer to the Ground than Ever Before

SKORA Phase minimalist running shoe, $110

The Good: SKORA has a reputation for minimalist shoe innovation and the Phases don’t disappoint. These shoes are a work of art both visually and with respect to construction.

The Bad: You’ll feel every single pebble, rock, crack and speck of dust you run over.

The Ugly: If you’re not into bright colors or shoes that stand out, be prepared; the Phases are LOUD.

Over the last few years, SKORA has earned a reputation as an innovative shoe company focused on providing non-traditional minimalist shoes for runners. New this spring, the SKORA Phase is a true testament to the company’s “Run Real” philosophy. I took the Phases on city streets and on a track, tested them at my CrossFit gym, and wore them around town for errands to see how they performed.

A departure from the bulkier goat leather SKORA Forms of earlier years, the Phases are the lightest and most flexible SKORA shoe available. Initially, I’d ordered the Phases in my normal size, but returned them for a half size down due to the characteristically wide toe box and overall width. They feature SKORA’s unique asymmetrical lacing and no-tongue design, which is meant to follow the contour of your foot to minimize the discomfort of traditional laces. The system works; I laced my shoes snugly and was glad not to find imprints of the laces on my feet when I took the Phases off. The heel collar dug into my achilles right out of the box, but it’s since loosened up. Regardless, you won’t want to wear the Phases without socks.

The airmesh uppers let my feet breathe and the no-sew construction contributes to the slick look and comfort of the shoes. The small rubber bumper keeps toes protected from rocks, curbs, and other hazards. The Phases also feature a rounded heel, one of the innovative features SKORA shoes are known for. The IBR (Injected Blown Rubber) outsole has proven durable over the past several months of testing. As with other SKORA models, the Phases don’t have a midsole, which is part of what makes them incredibly flexible.

The 8mm stack height provides superior ground feel (read: if you step on a pebble, it hurts). I found them a bit too “minimialist” for sprints and calf-dominant CrossFit exercises like box jumps; my calves were tighter and more sore after wearing the Phases than they’ve been in the past with other minimalist models. If you’re looking for a shoe that’ll give you a feel for every bump in the road, the Phases are a great fit. But I’d recommend sticking to longer, slower runs and being prepared for more lower leg fatigue. They are not an ideal shoe for runners new to the minimalist world.

The bottom line? In the two years I’ve run in minimalist shoes, my closet’s become a graveyard of sorts for shoes that aren’t quite right. The SKORA Phases haven’t seen my closet since they arrived at my doorstep because they’re one of my go-to pairs of kicks for CrossFit and general wear. The SKORA Phase shoes are a good looking, lightweight, flexible and durable addition to SKORA’s collection of innovative running kicks. But buyer beware; get yourself accustomed to minimalist shoes before you try these out and consider going a half size below your normal shoe size.

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Katie Levy
Katie Levy
Katie Levy - (hiker, backpacker, occasional climber, CrossFit junkie) loves sharing her passion for playing outside with anyone willing to listen. Though currently based in Philadelphia, spending her formative years in Upstate New York and a two year stint in Alaska fostered a lifelong passion for the outdoors. After 13 years as a competitive swimmer, she followed that passion on backpacking trips in the Adirondacks, on sub-zero winter hikes in the Chugach Mountains, and up Mount Rainier. These days, if she’s not out on the trail, you’ll find working on her other passion, Adventure-Inspired, or getting her WOD on at CrossFit Love. Contact her at [email protected]

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Aug 09, 2020

I have never seen Skora brand before. It looks cool and looks so light!

Aug 02, 2020

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Jul 11, 2020

Awesome blog. There is some information over running shoes. Thanks for this blog.

Jul 08, 2020

Great. Thank you for posting this blog. I got much details about running shoes from this blog. Keep blogging.

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