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K-Swiss Blade-Light Run 2

K-Swiss Blade Light 2-003

K-Swiss Blade-Light Run 2 $95


The Good: Seamless design looks great, fits comfortably, and keeps the shoe light. Blade-Max™ technology provide excellent shock absorbing performance.

The Bad: The cushion of this shoe is much more than similar neutral runners, minimalists may not be a fan.

The Ugly: The white soles show all the goose crap after runs at my local park, if you’re the type to care you may want a shoe with black soles.

K-Swiss took their well-designed Blade Light road shoe and added some great new features. The new design is smooth and light, but still has excellent support, a neutral running stance, and flexible sole for natural flex. Thanks to light K-EVA™ foam and a seamless mesh upper, these shoes weigh in at only 10oz. The soles feature Blade-max™ technology that absorbs impact and transfers energy from heel to toe which reduces wear and strain on joints. Out of the box the shoes felt light and comfortable with plenty of ventilation. The seamless design felt smooth inside with no rubbing, and the toebox was open but not too wide.

K-Swiss Blade Light 2-011

We took these shoes out for plenty of 3-6 mile runs on paved and dirt trails and they did great with good traction and durable protection. The mesh rubber design keeps the shoe vented and flexible. The neutral design and Blade-Max™ tech did the job and these were incredibly comfortable runners. After a solid 7 mile pavement run, my joints were only slightly sore. I did notice a significant difference in the cushion of this shoe compared to a few minimalist runners I’ve been testing lately. The added cushion with the flexible sole is still very responsive to terrain, so minimalist runners would appreciate these as a comfortable recovery shoe. After all the miles I pushed these through, they still feel new when I slip them on, and thanks to the well vented upper they don’t smell like week-old hamburger helper.

For those that pound out the miles on pavement, or need more cushion in their running shoes, these certainly fit the bill.

K-Swiss Blade Light 2-010


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