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SmithFly’s Digi Pouch – Bring your DSLR on the Water


6-29-13 Gear Shoot-027

SmithFly Digi Pouch, $60,

The Good: Keeps your DSLR and car keys dry as a bone. Room to boot.

The Bad: Still looking for it.

The Ugly: The light grey color doesn’t match the rest of my mint green and burnt orange fly fishing gear.

The SmithFly Digi Pouch is an 18 ounce roll top dry bag (6” Diam x 13.5” H) that is designed to accommodate a Digital SLR camera while on the water. Like the other modular pockets and packs designed by SmithFly, the Digi Pouch attaches to SmithFly’s base vest and waist packs utilizing the military derived MOLLE (pronounced “Molly”, like the lady) system.

Over a period of 3 months the Digi Pouch was strapped to my waist while wading through my favorite fishing grounds and to the side of my pontoon boat while punching through rapids. Though I do not typically carry a large heavy camera with me while fishing, I stole my wife’s DSLR and stowed it in the dry bag for testing purposes.

The Digi Pouch easily contained the Canon EOS Rebel XTi with the base 18-55 mm lens attached. The throat of the dry bag is very wide allowing the camera to be easily loaded and unloaded and the roll top portion of the bag is tall enough (10”; approx. 3 rolls worth) to give the user enough room to adequately seal the bag over large bulky items. The Digi Pouch provides complete brief submergence-proof dryness to your goods as long as the opening rim surfaces are clean and pressed firmly together while rolling the bag closed.

6-29-13 Gear Shoot-028

At first glance the two snap closures on the rear of the bag appeared to be inadequate to securely attach the bag to the side of my boat with my wife’s camera in it. I’m not going to lie; my distrust of the snap closures caused me to tie a tag line to the dry bag on the first outing just in case the snaps gave way. My fears were quickly relieved when my errant oaring caused the dry bag to be dragged through a thick nest of branches. After surviving the run in with the bush I figured I would have to race downstream to recover the bobbing bag. I looked to the back side of the boat and the Digi Pouch remained securely attached and relatively unscathed.

If you are looking for roomy, modular dry bag with bush-proof security, go no further than the SmithFly Digi Pouch.

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