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GSI Ultralight Java Drip Coffee Filter - Good Coffee Can Come With You Into The Wild


GSI Ultralight Java Drip Coffee Filter $10,

The Good: Light enough to disappear into any pocket of your backpack, delish coffee in the backcountry makes every day better.

The Bad: Plastic construction probably won’t hold up for years.

The Ugly: That cup of instant coffee the guy across the lake is choking down.

Countless coffee filters are used and thrown away each year, adding to the growing mounds of garbage in this world. Even worse, a myriad of poor backpackers suffer each morning in the mountains with a crappy cup of instant coffee. Be a part of the solution for both conundrums with this ultralight, reusable coffee filter by GSI.

The boyfriend gets 50 points for this gift. 10 for the product being amazing in more ways than one, and 40 for getting me something that furthers my coffee addiction and that went against his better judgment (it’s hard to keep up with this caffeinated girl). Because of this coffee filter, my mornings in the mountains now include the same quality of coffee as my mornings at home.

This isn’t just any coffee filter. This is a lightweight, reusable, packable, fits on almost any kind of mug, coffee filter. Light as a feather at a measly .4oz, it’s an ultralight backpacker’s dream come true. The filter material is easy to rinse, wash, and reuse the next morning…or afternoon. When the filtering is done, simply fold up the 3 legs and stash it away on the counter at home and if you’re backpacking the folded up filter is meant to fit perfectly up under a standard fuel canister. Almost no pack space is lost to this glorious addition to a great morning in the mountains.

The 3 prongs/legs will fit onto almost any style of drinking mug. A thin rimmed, thick rimmed, lipped rim, and even a travel mug can become a home to a delicious pour over. I have started to use this coffee filter at home as much as I do in the mountains because it’s reusable, it’s a huge help to the environment and ultimately saves me some greenback in the long run. So far there hasn’t been a funky taste from the filter, but I recommend cleaning it out after every use.

So wake up to a quality cup of java in the wild and start your adventures out on a caffeinated note with the GSI ultralight coffee filter.


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