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Water Gear: Sperry Son-R Pong Water Shoe

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Sperry Son-R Pong Water Shoe $80

The Good: Lightweight uppers and super grippy soles, and they dry quick.

The Bad: Color options are camo brown and camo blue, not much of a selection there.

The Ugly: I like it, but my significant other isn’t a fan of the  camo blue.

These shoes are constructed from lightweight mesh with mid-sold drainage ports which aids in fast drainage and exceptionally quick dry times.  The Son-R soles feature a system of articulated pods that transfer the feel of the terrain for a great sensory feel with plenty of grip on slick surfaces. The siping on the bottom of the shoe is also shaped to force water away from under the shoe which improves grip by adapting to uneven surfaces. The traditional lacing system helps to cinch the shoe tight so it holds on well in fast water, and an anti-microbial treatment keeps foot funk away.

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We took these shoes along for some paddles down the river, and a few lake days.  The mesh upper material drained fast, and didn’t fill with sand or pebbles when playing on shore.  The footbed also stayed comfortable without getting sticky or clammy when my feet began to sweat. The siped outsole gripped great on slick and uneven surfaces.  The articulated pods don’t seem to make a difference to me regarding grip or feeling the terrain, the soles are thin and flexible enough to provide surface feedback.  Also, even though it is more of a personal preference, I tend to appreciate elastic speed-laces more than traditional laces (I tend to get lazy on my adventures).

Overall, these shoes are light, durable, grip well, and dry fast.  They’re also priced right so now you’ve run out of reasons to look any further than the new Son-R Pongs by Sperry.


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David Skinner
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