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Gummy Goodness: Trek Tech’s Favorite Caffeinated Chews


Gummy bears are for kids and hipsters. If you’re an athlete, you’re going to want snacks that keep you going: snacks fortified with electrolytes, amino acids, and in this case, Vitamin Awesome: caffeine. Here are our three favorite caffeinated energy chews.


For the Sweet Tooth: Honey Stinger Cherry Cola Energy Chews

I loves me some honey, and Honey Stinger’s chews all have a distinct “bee goo” flavor to them, and it gives them a very distinct sweetness. The Cherry Cola chews sport 60mg of Vitamin C, 32mg of caffeine (about half of an espresso shot), 39grams of carbohydrates (27g sugar) and a dose of potassium and sodium to keep you going. The chews come in little gumdrop shapes, and they are the softest of the chews we tried. These are excellent during hot runs because they seem a bit more moist than the other two in the lineup. You’re not as starved for water after you down a pack of these. Bonus: They’re made with 95% organic ingredients.


For the Purist: Sharkies Turbo Strawberry Energy Chews (coming soon)

Trek Tech was introduced to Sharkies at last year’s Tahoe Tough Mudder, when Skinny found a pack of these on the trail. Granted, we were starved for nutrients, but the boost from that little pack of chews felt great. These certified organic, Non-GMO Certified, vegan, gluten-free chews are sweetened with organic brown rice syrup and grape juice concentrate. 45mg of sodium, 24g of carbohydrates (16g sugar), and 32mg of caffeine keep you going. Bonus: These had the best flavor of the bunch: not overwhelmingly sweet, no caffeine bitterness. The strawberry chews were so good, we barely had time to get a photo before they were gone.


For Going the Distance: Gu Chomps Cranberry Apple w/Caffeine

GU wins the distance award because each pack has two servings, and to be honest, I’m eating it all at once. Per pack, the Cranberry Apple Chomps have 100mg of sodium, 80mg of potassium, and 200% of the daily recommended allowance of vitamins A & C, and 40g of caffeine. Perfect for those who deal in excess miles, excess calories, or just plain excess. I liked the tart cranberry flavor; it was a nice change of pace from the sweeter offerings and it hid the bitter caffeine flavor.


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