News / Tech / March 13, 2021

Strava 4.0 Adds Photos, New Social Features


Our favorite mobile running and cycling app, Strava, has just released a completely redesigned interface that adds a bunch of new features. In addition to combining the run/cycling apps, they’ve made it easier to track your friends’ runs, take photos of your route, and post group workouts. Now you can not only show off you far you ran and how fast, now you can run that awesome sunset in your friends’ faces as well.

And if you can’t do that…what’s the point?

Here’s a full list of features from the press release:

• Photos – Photos taken during activities through Instagram are displayed in
the feed, giving members the ability to visually share the story of their
• Comments and Kudos – One-tap icons make it easy to give encouraging
comments and recognize the achievements of friends with Kudos.
• Grouped activities - Activities involving more than one member are
grouped, showing which friends worked out together.
• Maps – Most activities feature a map tile showing the GPS-tracked route,
adding additional context to friends’ activities in the feed.
• Social sharing - A one-tap icon shares personal activities to other social
networks including Facebook, Path and Twitter.

Pick up the redesigned app on iTunes.

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