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POV Cam Company CONTOUR Rises From the Grave

Last year Contour, one of the top action camera companies, closed their doors without warning. Second in sales only to the behemoth that is GoPro, Contour’s closure puzzled many, especially those of us who were fans of their tough, easy to use ROAM and ROAM 2 cameras (see our review of the ROAM here). Well, it looks like they’re back. According to the press release, CONTOUR is back under new ownership and plans to duke it out for the top spot in the market. The website is back up online, and they’re selling the high-end Contour+2 ($399) and the hardy ROAM 2 ($199) with plans to release more cams in the near future.

We’re huge fans of the tough-as-hell ROAM series and happy to see it back on the market again. Looking forward to seeing what they’ve got in the pipeline.

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