Apparel / Gear / April 24, 2021

Hestra Ergo Heli Gloves - Like A Soft Second Skin

by David Skinner

Hestra Ergo Heli Gloves $175,

The Good: High quality stitching, super soft goat leather, and great looking design in a nice glove.

The Bad: Gauntlet cuffs are a bit long, waterproof layer needs to be kept up for dependable performance.

The Awesome: The leather on these gloves is soft like the belly of a little white rabbit, and with ergonomic stitching they fit like a second skin. Elastic wrist keepers are comfortable and easy to wear.

Out on the slopes, bad gloves can really ruin a day.  Bulky materials, poor insulation, or soggy fingers can make just about anyone ready for the lodge; and that’s no way to chug life. Hestra’s Ergo Heli gloves will keep you out in the cold until the very last run, with high quality materials, construction, and a great fit. The goat leather palms are stitched to maximise grip and comfort, with extra material in high wear areas for a bit more durability. An oversized cuff fits over jackets and pulls on easily with a large leather tab that is easy to grip when pulling the gloves on. The insulated removable liners are made of a Merino/Polyester blend that wicks away moisture and regulates heat throughout the day.

While we generally prefer low profile gloves that fit under jacket cuffs, in powder or wind an over-the-cuff fit is excellent at keeping out the elements. The bulky nature of this type of cuff is difficult to get around without sacrificing a secure fit, but they are a bit long for the glove. These gloves were easy to pull on and secure with large wrist tabs and a wide velcro wrist strap.  The liners stayed put even when damp, but were easy to pull out when needed. The liner materials are thick enough to keep fingers warm under cold conditions, but still thin enough to have a tactile feel when grabbing poles or messing with bindings. One of the nice details that caught our attention was the elastic wrist strap the company uses instead of a thin piece of lacing. The elastic handcuffs are tight enough to stay put, but fit flat on the wrist to keep them out of the way. The leather palm and fingers are fitted enough to provide good dexterity while working zippers, bindings, or other small items without having to take off the glove. One thing to note about the materials, the waterproofing on these gloves is not a liner, it is a surface coating that will have to be kept up for dependable performance.

These gloves are a great all mountain ski/snowboard glove, with excellent grip and dexterity for the slopes in temperatures down to about zero.  Overall, for heavier mountaineering or extreme conditions we would likely sacrifice some dexterity for a more durable and heavier insulated option.

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is a normal guy. With a real job, a wife & two kids, adventure has to come close to home. It’s a good thing he lives in Northern California where a short drive in any direction will land him near the water, a trail, or a mountaintop. His passion for adventure comes from a growing up in the Trinity Alps, and a few trips to the other side of the world. With about 10 years of paddling behind him and mountains all around, he’s ready to share a fun take on what makes this world a wonderful place to explore – one adventure at a time. Contact him at [email protected]

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