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Photo Essay: Polar Expedition Training with Eric Larsen

January of 2014 we embarked on an expedition to simulate Arctic conditions with world record holder Eric Larsen.  This 11 day training program took place during the Polar Vortex that set records for freezing temperatures on Lake Winnipeg in Manitoba, Canada.

Our 5 day expedition across the lake started with a complete white-out and the winds shifting in the middle of the night forcing us to re-set our tents.  Never have I been so cold, and never did I imagine the world I would discover on the other side.

 Porsche Design Gallery Exhibition

Milo Pierwola will be hosting a private gallery of his photos from 2012-2014 in New York at the Porsche Design store on Madison Avenue in Manhattan, New York.   For attendance, please contact [email protected].


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Milo Pierwola
Milo Pierwola
Milo views the world through a different lens; one without boundaries or obstacles, only challenges to be conquered. For this reason, he is one of the best at reaching the world’s most remote destinations and bringing along clients with his company, A former NY attorney, he escaped the office life and never looked back. Catch his video reviews on here, visit his personal site, and drop him a line if you want to join.

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Apr 30, 2020

[…] for cleaning.  Originally, I purchased this because it was on Eric Larsen‘s gear list for my Polar Expedition Training.  I was reluctant to buy it because I believed that a base layer wrapped around the bottle would […]

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