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TribeSports Women’s Capris: Great Performance to Price Ratio

by Billy Brown

Tribe Sports Women’s Performance Capris $35,

The Good: Great performance, great price.

The Bad: The leg openings are a bit small. They were a little tight on our tester’s calves.

The Ugly: Nada. These look great.

Tribesports Women’s Performance Capris are similar to most performance tights that you’ll see on the market with one stark exception: they’re half the price of just about every other pair of tights you’ll find. How do they do it? According to the website, they forgo selling through big box chains in lieu of selling online, they don’t invest in professional athlete endorsement, and source their design to users (that’s you and me). The result? Performance tech wear that comes with a price that that won’t make you sick.

The first thing we think when we see something with a markedly lower price point is where the savings are coming from. We’ve got good news for you - it’s not in the quality of the garment. I had my significant other take these capris out for a few months’ worth of crossfit workouts, and she came back with a glowing review.

They were comfortable: the flatlocked seams didn’t chafe during runs and long crossfit WODs, and the four-way stretch material didn’t restrict our tester’s movement during box jumps, walking lunges, or squats. They worked well in triple digit conditions as well:  capri cut kept our tester cool in the summer, the strategically-placed mesh ventilation panels and the moisture-wicking material kept our tester cool and dry during the most sweat-soaked workouts.


Speaking of which, the Aegis anti-stink treatment worked like a champ: “I could wear them at least four or five times without washing them.”


We took them through some grueling performance tests, and they came out shining on the other end. If you’ve ever gone without proper workout gear because it was too expensive (or you just don’t want to pay more than you have to), definitely check out Tribesports.


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Billy Brown
has a hard time standing still. A few years ago he combined his passion for the active lifestyle with his love of toys and somehow made a job out of it as a journalist specializing in outdoor sports and adventure travel. An avid runner, climber, crossfitter and snowboarder, he has tested gear around the world, from canyon running in Jordan to ice climbing in Chamonix. He writes for Outside Magazine, Men’s Health, Men’s Journal, Wired, and Backpacker, as well as on websites like Gear Institute and Contact him at [email protected]

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