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TOPO MT Shoes Contest Results

Topo MT Shoes Contest Results

First, let me say that it was a blast to hear about all the muddy adventures our readers are up to! Our random name picker took all the names, and popped out John P. Jr. as the winner of the Topo MT shoes . Thanks for all the great entries and pictures, here are a few excerpts from the pack:


Editor’s note: love the trashed clothes and pristine bananas (and smiles all around)!

Iris: “. . .got hosed down by a firetruck at the race, and still had to do it again when I got home before tossing them in the washer!”


John P. Jr.: “. . .a bet I made with my PT clients. I said that if they hit their monthly goals, I’d run the warrior dash with them. . . knowing they stuck it out and finished made me very happy and confirmed I’m in the right profession!”

Allie E.: “I did the ROC Race, which stands for Ridiculous Obstacle Course. There were mud pits, rope swings, tire miles, slip-n-slides, hurdles, hills, and much, much more.”

photo (2)

Carmen E.: “My dirtiest adventure so far has been the “Dirty Girl” mud run. It was my first ever race and I had a blast! Though it was only a 5k, this has kick started a passion to enter more mud runs with the ultimate goal to run the Tahoe “Tough Mudder”! Looking forward to more ‘dirty adventures’.”

Dan S.: “Dirtiest adventure was hiking up Buckskin Gulch.  Mud up to our necks.  I’ve never been dirtier in my life. And, then trying to wash it all off in the paria was something else.”

Congrats John P. Jr! We’ll be sending you info on your new shoes shortly.

Stay tuned for plenty more contests and giveaways in the near future, including the current Spartan Up! Prep-Kit giveaway that ends tomorrow!


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David Skinner
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May 15, 2020

[…] Update: Contest Winner: John Porter Jr. see his pics and the results here. […]

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