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Redding Beer Week: Carengie’s Backyard Breweries

Everyone loves an American Underdog story. The tough, scrappy little guy climbs, scrambles, and finally dominates the competition through sheer will, persistence, and a whole lotta ass kickin. Last night four success stories came together at one of our favorite downtown lunch spots for an exceptional night of celebrating what makes this nation great - beer and winning. We headed over to Carnegie’s after work to check out the event, and we were not disappointed.  One of the great parts about Carnegie’s is the location. The deli is located on a busy street corner a block away from the courthouse and county seat so there’s always bound to be a professional crowd to keep the ambiance a bit upscale, and with high ceilings, scattered tables, and a nice second story loft the place always feels like a bay-area deli. The event had been up for a while before we came by, so plenty of patrons had brews and BBQ ribs in hand when we came along. With smiles on their faces, the unanimous opinion was that our Backyard breweries had what it took to play in the big sandbox.  Here’s what was featured for the night:

C's Backyard Brewery-3

1. Fall River “Widowmaker Double IPA’ - The widowmaker has been around for a while, to the point that it’s a staple in many of the Northern California watering holes. But just because it’s common, doesn’t mean that taste is run of the mill. Expect a nice drinkable 10.2%ABV with a citrus nose and bitter finish. Definitely an exceptional brew.

2. Sierra Nevada ‘Old Chico’ - The Old Chico brew has been around for a while, and is as dependable as it is drinkable. With a fresh, clean,  hoppy body and a barely bitter finish, this pairs well with a sunny day by the pool.

3. Wildcard ’530 Hometown Ale’ - Wildcard’s offerings are finding their way around the Northstate in force, and we’re happy they are. It’s The small brewery has been putting out some big flavors, and the hometown Ale really fits that bill. The Citrusy brew is light on the hops but big on flavor with a fresh a clean body and dry finish.

4. Mt. Shasta Brewing Co. ‘Skip & Go Naked’ - This fruity beer has a fruity body with hints of Strawberry Banana and a slight ginger bite. Overall, it’s a mild brew that pairs well with lighter fairs, clothing optional.

5. Sierra Nevada ‘Hoptimum’ - Looking to absolutely assault that palate? Then Hoptimum is the way to go.  Super hoppy IPA with a crisp citrus body and plenty of bitter finish for a bold brew that stood up well with the exceptional Pizza coming out of the Carnegie’s kitchen!

So the event was a success, a delicious backyard brewery affair that put out 5 great brews celebrating the underdog and everything that implies.

C's Backyard Brewery-2


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David Skinner
David Skinner
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