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Redding Beer Week: Giveaway - Hydroflask’s Golden Growler Award

So we’re just wrapping up the first night of the #reddingbeerweek with an opening ceremony at the Redding Civic Center.  28 total breweries, and hundreds of people packed into a great space to see what the next week has to offer.  While there were plenty of interesting brews, like the Hibiscus Jamaican Ale from  Mad River Brewery, and the Barrel Aged Scotch Ale from Sierra Nevada; the brews that earned the daily “Hydroflask Golden Growler Award” Read on to see how you can win your own Insulated Growler from Hydroflask during #reddingbeerweek! But first, here’s our editor’s growler pick from the event -


Billy: “I love the Lip Ripa 3x IPA from Fall River.  It’s got a great citrus body with a Christmas tree undertone.  It’s like a Grapefruit mated with a Christmas tree and the Lip Ripa was the bastard child. That heavy citrus really caught my attention and made it stand out from the well-hopped crowd.”


David: ” The West Coast Double IPA from Wildcard was tapped yesterday and really has a fresh crispness that was different from all the other hopped brews of the night. I’m a fan of fresh, and this fits the bill. I like the whole ‘harvested one day, and thrown in the next when it comes the fresh hops,’ you can’t beat that.”


Take a selfie with one of these clowns for a shot at a free Hydroflask growler

So, for the giveaway -  track down Billy Brown (above left), or David Skinner (above right) this week, take a selfie with us, and tag it #reddingbeerweek on instagram or facebook for an entry into the double fisted giveaway of these most excellent growlers from Hydroflask:

We’ll be listing our whereabouts every day on our Redding Beer Week Schedule page, so you can track us down.

Two random drawings will be held, one on Wednesday, one on Saturday to find new homes for the insulated goodness of Hydroflask’s growlers.

So get your party on, and have a blast this week at #reddingbeerweek!


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