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Reebok CrossFit ONE Series Adjustable Bra


When it comes to unmentionables that can make or break your level of comfort during an intense workout, us ladies deserve to be picky.  And as far as sports bras go, I’m as picky as they come. (Feel free to peruse previous sports bra reviews here on Trek Tech, or read my buyer’s guide for proof.) To see if the Reebok CrossFit ONE Series Adjustable Bra measured up, I tested it in situations where I’d need high-impact support and would be sweating a lot as well as situations where I wasn’t sweating much and just needed something comfortable to keep things…in place. The bra came with me to Philadelphia’s Temple University Track for running workouts, to dozens of CrossFit sessions, and on hikes around Pennsylvania and Delaware.

Overall, Reebok knocked it out of the park with respect to style and breathability. There’s a mesh back with a cutout that’s both functional and good looking. I love the design, and the fact that it’s functional too. And when it comes to durability, so far, so good. After a few dozen wears and washes, the Reebok CrossFit ONE Series Adjustable Bra is holding up just fine. The removable cups occasionally work their way out in the wash, which is annoying, but not uncommon with bras that don’t have built-in shaping features. It’s a cinch to get them back in, and I like option of going un-padded. I’ve worn it with and without the cups, and it’s comfortable and flattering both ways.

With respect to overall fit, the Reebok CrossFit ONE Series Adjustable Bra runs true to size. I’m characteristically a 36B and got the medium, which fit perfectly. The support band isn’t too tight, but most bands are tight on my ribcage and my back (#CrossFitProblems), so if you’re used to bras normally not fitting tight, it might run a little large. Reebok’s description of the bra says it has “serious support,” and it’s got plenty of support for a 36B, but larger chested ladies may need a bit more coverage. I’d call it great for moderate to high-impact activities.

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The adjustable straps are thicker than I’ve seen on other bras with adjustable straps, which contribute to my feeling locked in and supported. However, the straps adjust from the back to the front and when I tighten them, the plastic clips sit on my collarbone when I extend my arms, or on my taps. I haven’t noticed it being a pain in CrossFit workouts or running, but if I have the bra on all day for a hike with a backpack on, I do notice the clips digging in. Save the plastic clips on the straps, this is one of the most comfortable sports bras I’ve ever worn.

Bottom line? The Reebok CrossFit ONE Series Adjustable Bra fits well, does its job, and it looks good on. I love the way the seams were designed and the cutout in the back.  If Reebok switched it around so the straps could be adjusted from the front to the back so th e clips didn’t dig into my collarbone, this would be the perfect sports bra for me. As it is, it’s pretty close.

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Oct 10, 2020

Oh.Nice i like your crossfit one series adjustable bra

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