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Girls Gone Into The Wild
ExOfficio Fall Clothing Review

ExOfficio has made a name for themselves as providing performance clothing for travelers, but I've found that those qualities that make a garment great for travel...

0 Comment / Nov 11, 2016

Hiking Shoe Review - Salomon X Ultra 2 GTX

The Good:  Incredibly lightweight hiking shoe with no break-in required. The Bad:  Lacing system, while convenient, has issues. The Not-So Ugly:  Stylish...

0 Comment / Sep 20, 2016

Insulated Jacket Review - Outdoor Research Filament

The Good:  Lightweight and warm insulated jacket. The Bad:  Curvy ladies might find the fit to be a little tricky. The Not-So Ugly:  Cut and stitching pattern...

0 Comment / Sep 13, 2016

NRS Gloves and Wetshoe Review

Gloves and booties are an important part of a weekend warrior’s toolkit when grabbing a paddle and maneuvering down some whitewater.  Well, at least for those...

0 Comment / Sep 08, 2016

Buzz Words
Full Sail Winter Lineup

The holidays are nearly packed up and, though the days are creeping longer, it feels like winter has really set in. For such a time, many crave comfort. Comfort...

0 Comment / Jan 16, 2017

Christmas Pre-func: Dale's  Pale in Old Vegas

North of the strip you'll find $5 blackjack, inexpensive steak, and Pint + cans of Dale's Pale Ale. This bright, hoppy delight is the flagship of Oskar Blues Brewing...

0 Comment / Dec 20, 2016

Under Armour Sunglasses: Octane

Check this out, Under Armour is making sunglasses! The style of the Octane model is nothing radical, but definitely made for radical people! Okay, bad metaphors...

0 Comment / Jan 16, 2017

Pickle Juice SPORT!

No, you're not watching an SNL sketch, this is a real product and believe it or not... it works! It's not a secret and many athletes and trainers use cucumber...

0 Comment / Jan 02, 2017

Winter Camping with the Hurtta Extreme Warmer

Hurtta Extreme Warmer: $88 Sometimes our winter adventures are just too cold to bring our furry friends along. Not all of them have coats like Huskies or Berners....

0 Comment / Dec 28, 2016

RMU Valhalla Skis

RMU Valhalla Skis: $799 Rocky Mountain Underground is a small company that makes some serious skis. Nestled in Breckenridge, CO, these guys know a thing or two about...

0 Comment / Dec 22, 2016