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ExOfficio Fall Clothing Review

ExOfficio has made a name for themselves as providing performance clothing for travelers, but I've found that those qualities that make a garment great for travel...

0 Comment / Nov 11, 2016

Hiking Shoe Review - Salomon X Ultra 2 GTX

The Good:  Incredibly lightweight hiking shoe with no break-in required. The Bad:  Lacing system, while convenient, has issues. The Not-So Ugly:  Stylish...

0 Comment / Sep 20, 2016

Insulated Jacket Review - Outdoor Research Filament

The Good:  Lightweight and warm insulated jacket. The Bad:  Curvy ladies might find the fit to be a little tricky. The Not-So Ugly:  Cut and stitching pattern...

0 Comment / Sep 13, 2016

NRS Gloves and Wetshoe Review

Gloves and booties are an important part of a weekend warrior’s toolkit when grabbing a paddle and maneuvering down some whitewater.  Well, at least for those...

0 Comment / Sep 08, 2016

Buzz Words
Full Sail Brewing's full Pilsner Spectrum

The Style In the Foothills between Nurnberg and Prague sits a small city, nestled among the patchwork of forests and Farms. Pilzen is the namesake of that beloved...

0 Comment / Nov 14, 2016

Wino Words: Regusci wines invited over for Thanksgiving this year

This is a big deal guys. I think I've found my new favorite winery* and although I'd love to keep it a secret, I am bursting to let you guys enjoy what I've...

1 Comment / Nov 10, 2016

EzyDog Element Jacket

EzyDog Element Jacket: $40 The Roaming Retriever is a golden who loves TRAILS. He loves to be off leash and the longer the adventure, the better. But most importantly...

0 Comment / Dec 02, 2016

Better Businesses: DownTek

Better Businesses: DownTek We saw a lot of innovative and sustainably driven businesses at Outdoor Retailer this year, but a few truly impressed Trek Tech. One of which...

0 Comment / Nov 26, 2016

Holiday Gift Guide For The Outdoor Friend (and Dogs)

They are always a bit of a mystery, those outdoor folks dissappearing into the woods for days on end. They come out refreshed . . . and alive. Well, here's a list...

0 Comment / Nov 25, 2016

Holiday Gifts Under $100 For The Outdoor Camper

We all know someone like this, their ideal night is an evening fire with a bit of bourbon and some roasting sticks. Car camping is the perfect way ability to bring...

0 Comment / Nov 23, 2016