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Introducing Roam: Why Say Yes To Adventure

By: David Skinner Photo Credit: David Frandsen

The Roam Series on Trek Tech will explore ways to fit adventure into life in ways that anyone with a heartbeat can enjoy, all that’s needed is a desire to take a risk and embrace one little word - yes

I’m not sure when it was in life when I decided it was more fun and a lot more interesting to say yes. Sometime along the way I realized that most of the limitations on my life were from shying away from adventure by putting off to tomorrow what could, and should be done today.  So many of my reasons to stay away from the unpredictable nature of the outdoors had to do with my feeling that I would have more fun once I was more prepared to go out and do it.  One day, I’d have the time to really get in shape for that race, or one day I’d get the gear I needed to really enjoy camping in the snow. But one day seemed to always be just a bit farther out there than I could ever get.  I passed up a trip to Paris because I wanted to have more than two weeks to enjoy the region, I passed up a summer on a Pacific Island because I wanted to enjoy (waste) my last free summer before college with friends, and I passed up on thousands of hours in the wild to spend time beating the next level of games I don’t even remember the name of.

One day, I decided to say yes more often.  I shifted my motto from “someday” to “sure, why not?” and that has made all the difference.  I realized that any time unplugged from the daily grind was good, and a half mile run was a good place to start. My first run in years lead to a few hundred total miles in no time, and since then I’ve racked up race bibs and mountaintops with no end in sight. I don’t mean tomorrow you should climb a mountain, but the hill over there will do. Take a run, wander somewhere new, or go sleep on the shore of a wild river. Take in the beauty and wonder that we never seem to see until we stop long enough to look up.

Here are a few easy steps to start your own journey into adventure:

1. Say Yes

There are hundreds of opportunities a week to connect with people, adventures, or just simple moments in life that we miss because we either say no, or we just fail to recognize them as the come along. Keep an eye out for those times in your life when adventure knocks, and when it does just say yes and go along for the ride.

2. Start Small

No matter where you are in life, take a step.  If the thought of running a mile terrifies you, that’s fine; just run a block.  Life is taken one step at a time, and a jaunt around the block is a good start. Don’t expect to run a marathon next week if those trainers have been in the closet for a decade, but a 3 or 5k could be in the not too distant future. It’s amazing how a small step brings momentum that grows into greatness.

3. Connect With The Moment

In a world of constant distractions, it’s common to get from point A to B without even looking up from that tiny screen in your pocket. Imagine the opportunity to connect with the world around you, the sights, smells, and meaningful interactions with other people that are lost every time we focus on the latest update/tweet/post. Take a break and turn off (or at least silence) your phone. Look for something in your everyday life that you have never noticed before.

So the challenge is this: at least once this week say yes to an opportunity and see what happens. We only live this life once, and experiences last a lifetime. Don’t wait for perfection, actively pursue that wild adventure you will talk about for the rest of your life.

Screen shot 2020-09-26 at 6.28.58 PMSkinner & Brown Fun in the Mud @ Tough Mudder Norcal


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Aug 25, 2020

Love this David! Chase adventure! What’s your yes this week? :)

    David Skinner

    Aug 25, 2020

    Jessica - It’s post beer week rehab! Going SUPing, swimming, and maybe a bike ride! We’ve said yes so much this month I gotta take a breath before heading back out for more on Labor Day weekend!

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